Christopher Barnekow

CEO & Co-Founder at Barnebys

Christopher Barnekow is Barnebys CEO and co-founder. An experienced entrepreneur with more than 20 years of online marketing know-how, his track record includes successful undertakings, such as Rodeo Magazine, Got2Get and the Stockholm based ad agency Smith. Prior to starting Barnebys in 2011, Christopher had no previous experience with auctions or antiques. He was looking for a still life oil painting for his newly re-decorated country home and was frustrated with the lack of accessibility and high barriers of entry in traditional auction houses and dealers. It struck him that this industry was extremely un-modern in comparison to every other retail or e-commerce experience out there. Barnebys makes collecting more accessible by offering a centralized online platform for searching the auction market. It is the number one meta-search service for arts, antiques, and rarities. With over 1000 paying auction houses and dealers like Sotheby’s, Phillips, AbeBooks, and Heritage Auctions, Barnebys provides transparent and free access to unique and beautiful items for everybody. In the spirit of transparency, Barnebys also hosts the world’s largest free online price bank with over 88M end prices from over 2000 auction houses.