Millennial Collectors: Understanding the New Generation of Auction Buyers


What are millennials collecting?

Millennials, born between the 1980s and late 1990's are making their mark on the art world in recent years. With a rapidly growing group of  art collectors who are millennial themselves, there is vast potential with this demographic- they offer an audience that no other generation can match!

Millennials bring a new era of consumption to the art market. They're younger, more tech-savvy and flush with money than any generation before them. That is why they are able make such an impact on how artists are marketed as well as what types or artwork get sold at auction houses like Sotheby’s, Christies and Barnebys.

Courtney Christensen, Christopher Barnekow, Kathleen Guzman and Alasdair Nichol Share Their Thoughts on Millennial Collectors

Understanding the generation of millennial collectors will be examined and answered by the panel. Our experts include Courtney Christensen, Director of Trusts & Estates for Winston Art GroupChristopher Barnekow, CEO & Co-Founder at BarnebysKathleen Guzman, Managing Director at Heritage Auctions; and Alasdair Nichol, Chairman at Freeman’s.

They will also explain how they analyze the behaviors of potential buyers in order to predict trends. For instance, unlike older generations, millennial collectors are more likely to purchase art both online and offline. They're the generation that grew up with Google as their go-to search engine so it's no surprise they buy more art off a website.

This talk was originally filmed during The Business of Art Observed.

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Courtney Christensen

As Director of Trusts & Estates for Winston Art Group, Courtney works with fiduciaries, executors, families and advisors on strategic estate planning, appraisal and disposition of tangible personal property. Prior to joining Winston, she spent 18 years at Sotheby’s where she was Head of Department, Trusts & Estates and senior specialist in American Art and Prints, working in the...

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Christopher Barnekow

CEO & Co-Founder at Barnebys
Christopher Barnekow is Barnebys CEO and co-founder. An experienced entrepreneur with more than 20 years of online marketing know-how, his track record includes successful undertakings, such as Rodeo Magazine, Got2Get and the Stockholm based ad agency Smith. Prior to starting Barnebys in 2011, Christopher had no previous experience with auctions or...

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Kathleen Guzman

Managing Director at Heritage Auctions
Kathleen Guzman is a recognized appraiser and auctioneer with over 40 years experience in the art and antiques industry. Ms. Guzman is the Managing Director of Heritage Auctions in New York, based in Dallas. She has personally auctioned over 1,500 sales with over 1 Million objects valued at over $1 Billion US dollars. She brings 15 years experience...

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Alasdair Nichol

Chairman at Freeman’s
Alasdair Nichol is the Chairman and Head of the Fine Art Department at Freeman’s, America’s oldest auction house. Having been within the same family for six generations, he and two colleagues acquired the company in a friendly management buy-out in 2016. Prior to joining Freeman’s in 1999, Alasdair served as Head of Modern and Contemporary Art at...

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