There is an Art to Everything in Life. Collecting Art is No Different.

Aug 17, 2016

Talk to any art collector and they’ll tell you that art fairs are one of the best ways to discover incredible work.

But the trouble with art fairs is that they take time to explore. You often end up seeing so much variety that everything can become a blur – also known as ‘art fair fatigue’. Use this to your advantage says Leon Benrimon, Heritage Auctions’ Director of Modern and Contemporary Art in New York. You’ll know you’ve stumbled upon something exceptional when it stands out among the other work.

Open your imagination at gallery openings. They’re almost always free and the best part is the artist or artists are usually present. So not only do you get to see new art but you also get to ask questions and gain knowledge about the work.

Pay an artist a visit – it’s free.

Curator, consultant, and collector Anne Huntington tells us seek out at as much art as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to contact the artist and schedule a studio visit. Other avenues include online sites such as Paddle8 and Artsy, as well as non-profit auctions that support causes that you believe in.

Talking to art curators of museums is also a useful tip when trying to discover work. In addition to this Karen Boyer of Elements in Play highlights the importance of talking about art with friends, family, and anyone in your social circle. This can help influence your purchase. And as Benrimon adds, when friends and family don’t love a piece but you do, it indicates that the work is really resonating.

Which brings us to a common theme that you’ll hear many seasoned collectors tell you: go with your gut.

Sure, collecting can be for the purpose of investing. But there often has to be something about the work that connects with the individual who is buying art. And if the work is going on your wall you’d better love what you’re collecting.

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Matt Beasant

Matt Beasant is a self-taught Canadian artist and experienced writer, born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. Represented by established Canadian Galleries, Matt has exhibited at the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2016. His work is characterized by crisp lines and bold gradients which are applied by hand using many thin layers of paint –...

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