VIDEO: Collecting Art - Have You Been Bitten by the Bug?

Mar 28, 2017

What tips could you give to first time art buyers? Why did you start to collect art? How have you grown your collection over the years? Where have you purchased art and do you have a preference?

Joined seasoned Toronto based collector, David Angelo, as he provides advice on building a collection by educating yourself about the process and selecting pieces that tell the story of who you are.


Video recordings from the Toronto Spring Series – Know Your Options are and will be available online. Join us live on April 13 for Part 3 of the series on Buying Art at a Gallery with Olga Korper. We conclude the series on May 24 with a Waddington’s Auction House specialist as they explain Buying & Selling at Auction including a private preview of an upcoming sale. View the full program here.