Art and Philanthropy - Building a Healthy Arts Ecosystem


Join the San Francisco Art Dealers Association (SFADA) for an inspiring panel discussion on the impact of giving back in the arts.

When most people think of philanthropy, they think of donating money to a nonprofit. But philanthropy takes many different forms, and when it comes to the arts, there are a variety of ways to support a healthy arts ecosystem – from buying art or donating to nonprofits to investing in ventures that bolster the local arts economy. In this panel discussion with Christine Sherry, Deborah Rappaport and Emiko Ono, we'll explore the impact of arts philanthropy and the diverse ways to support a healthy arts ecosystem.

What's the Importance of Arts Philanthropy?

Philanthropy plays an important role in supporting the arts. Arts philanthropy supports a healthy arts ecosystem in several ways. First, it helps to ensure that artists have the resources they need to create their work. Second, it helps to build audiences for artistic work and ensure that art is accessible to everyone. And finally, it helps to foster a sense of community and civic engagement through shared cultural experiences.

How Can You Support the Arts?

There are many different ways to support a healthy arts ecosystem through philanthropy. Here are just a few:

1. Invest in local artists and arts organizations.
2. Support public-private partnerships that leverage government funding with private dollars to invest in the arts.
3. Advocate for policies that support the arts at the local, state, and federal level.
4. Give your time as a volunteer or board member for an artist or organization you believe in.

No matter how you choose to support the arts, remember that every little bit counts. By investing in local artists and organizations or advocating for policies that support the arts, you can help build a healthy arts ecosystem that will enrich your community for years to come.

The Impact of Arts Philanthropy with Christine Sherry, Deborah Rappaport and Emiko Ono

The panelists will touch on the impact of arts philanthropy and the diverse ways to support a healthy arts ecosystem. In addition to sharing their experiences in arts giving, the panelists will answer questions on how to get started in arts philanthropy, what questions to ask, and where to find relevant information.

The panel includes philanthropy specialist Christine Sherry, Principal of Sherry Consulting, and philanthropist Deborah Rappaport, Co-founder of Minnesota Street Project and President of the Rappaport Family Foundation, and be moderated by Emiko Ono, Performing Arts Program Officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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Emiko Ono

Emiko Ono currently serves as a program officer in The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Performing Arts Program. In this role, she manages grants that support more than 80 arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $80 million. Emiko has more than 14 years of experience developing and leading museum, leadership development, and grantmaking...

Meet the Expert

Christine Sherry

Christine Sherry founded and leads Sherry Consulting, a philanthropic advising practice serving some of the most well respected philanthropists and foundations in Silicon Valley and globally. Christine is also a Visiting Practitioner at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society and teaches courses on philanthropy and nonprofit leadership through Stanford Continuing Studies....

Meet the Expert

Deborah Rappaport

Deborah Rappaport is President of the Rappaport Family Foundation. The Foundation focuses on increasing civic engagement and access to the levers of power among traditionally underserved young adults. She is also a partner in Skyline Pubic Works, LLC, and a jewelry designer, operating as Deborah Rappaport Jewelry. Deborah is a member of the Boards of Directors of Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific...

Meet the Expert