Art Law Considerations for Collectors


The landscape of buying and selling, as well as owning art, is shifting. Collectors have new legal needs and concerns.

Hiring an art law attorney is a common concern among collectors of artwork. If you want guidance on how to best handle your purchase, hiring an art lawyer will offer benefits well above what would be expected from their fees. In almost every case, art lawyers can help protect you against potential problems before they arise. Ensuring smart negotiating tactics using expert knowledge about specific markets within which your collection operates is key.

The value of an artwork is in the eye of its beholder. One thing that all art collectors have in common are questions about their legal rights and obligations around buying or selling art. Art law attorneys can help with these issues by offering pre-purchase contract negotiations as well general counsel for holding works on loan at museums; they might also represent buyers during auctions if there's concern over authenticity.

Panel Discussion: Katie Wilson-Milne and Steve Schindler

In this presentation, reputable art lawyers, Katie Wilson-Milne  and Steve Schindler of SCH Law, talk about some of these concerns related to buying, selling and financing art in a remote environment. They also examine consigning art to financially leveraged art dealers.

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Katherine Wilson-Milne

Katie Wilson-Milne is a litigator and art lawyer practicing at Schindler, Cohen & Hochman LLP. Katie advises clients in the art, cultural and creative communities, including art galleries, other art businesses, collectors, artists, and not-for-profit organizations in the art space on transactional matters related to the purchase, sale, lending and financing of art, as well as gallery,...

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Steven R. Schindler

Steve Schindler is a founding partner of Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP, a litigation and art law boutique located at 100 Wall Street in New York City. Steve heads SCH’s Art Law Group. This practice area, which has grown steadily over the past decade, combines SCH’s formidable litigation expertise with a deep knowledge of the art market and its specific legal issues. Steve regularly...

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