Artist Spotlight: Graphite to Gigabytes – Artists as Craftsmen


The discussion will look at the craftsmanship and complexity of the works of three internationally known, contemporary artists.

This session, about artists as craftsmen, is lead by Rhonda Long-Sharp, Founder at Long-Sharp Gallery. By exploring the works of the UK’s David Spiller, Santa Fe’s Gino Miles, and Indianapolis’ Jason Myers, she will explain that:

  • Much can be learned from exploring an artist’s process; despite trends in technology, many of today’s artists employ classic methods to create their art (even when combined with cutting edge tools).
  • Some caveats exist when purchasing contemporary art and earlier genres.
  • Even pieces that look “random” are often not -- a lot of time and thought goes into the preparation and planning for a piece of art, even if the goal is for that piece to look haphazard.

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Rhonda Long-Sharp

After a successful 20+ year legal career defending men and women on death row in the highest courts of the US, art enthusiast and collector Rhonda Long-Sharp decided to formally pursue her passion for the arts in 2005. Beginning as both an art consultant and modern art broker, Long-Sharp specialized in post-war and contemporary multiples and works on paper. Recognizing the internet’s inherent...

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