Speaker(s): Rhonda Long-Sharp, Gino Miles

Artist Spotlight: Hand-Crafted Sculpture Amidst the Conceptual Art Revolution


This session features a conversation with internationally known contemporary artist, Gino Miles.

Rhonda Long-Sharp will examine the craftsmanship and complexity of his remarkable works, which are prominently featured in many permanent and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. His hand-craftsmanship will be juxtaposed with that of today’s conceptual art movement.

Attendees of this session will learn that:

  • Much can be learned from exploring an artist’s process; despite trends in technology, many of today’s artists employ classic methods to create their art.
  • Debate exists about whether conceptual art should be valued the same as non-conceptual art.
  • Classically trained artists create in non-classic forms.


Rhonda Long-Sharp

After a successful 20+ year legal career defending men and women on death row in the highest courts of the US, art enthusiast and collector Rhonda Long-Sharp decided to formally pursue her passion for the arts in 2005. Beginning as both an art consultant and modern art broker, Long-Sharp specialized in post-war and contemporary multiples and works on paper. Recognizing the internet’s inherent...

Meet the Expert

Gino Miles

(American, b. 1952) Inspired primarily by 20th Century European masters such as Moore, Brancusi, Archipenko, and Marini, sculptor Gino Miles has worked with both monumental and small dimensions since the 1970s. Miles distills his love of the classical figure and objects found in nature, working with a sparse and contemporary language that embodies tranquility. Stripped of an overt narrative,...

Meet the Expert