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Collection Certainty During Uncertain Times
Speaker(s): Elysian McNiff Koglmeier

Collection Certainty During Uncertain Times

We’re living during a complicated time—a global pandemic, recession, rise of natural disasters, civic unrest.

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It is more important now than ever to have your art collection in order. Collectors and art advisors are flocking to online art collection management tools as they try to control what they can control.

Elysian Koglmeier has seen the best and the worst of collection management. Along with basic collection management best practices, she’ll share cautionary tales. She’ll help you avoid risks like theft, conflicts like infighting, and the sad story of your collecting legacy landing in a garage sale.

This webinar will give you the tools and information needed to protect and preserve your art collection.

Participants will learn:

  • How to digitize your collection
  • What information is worth saving
  • Ways to streamline insurance, accounting & estate planning
  • Collaborative strategies for working with your art advisors and other art professionals
  • Collection management best practices and common pitfalls to avoid

Elysian invited all members to submit relevant questions in advance. All submissions were much appreciated, but due to time constraints, only a handful will be addressed here in detail.

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Speaker Details

Elysian McNiff Koglmeier

Elysian McNiff Koglmeier is Head of Growth for Artwork Archive, an online art inventory management system for artists, collectors and organizations. Elysian works with individual collectors, art advisors, galleries and collecting institutions to organize and manage their artworks. You can find her collector-focused educational content at

Growing up with a father as an art therapist and a mother who dedicated her career to art education, Elysian has always been passionate about the creative process. She has pursued this passion both in the public and private sector. She started her career in museums (Middlebury College Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), ran New England Foundation for the Arts’ public art program, served as curator for Brown University and RISD, and contributed to publications such as Art Business News and Public Art Review.

She received her BA in History from Middlebury College and her MA in Public Humanities from Brown University.

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Marika Parelli
Marika Parelli
11 months 23 days ago

Hi and thanks for this! I am not a collector, per se, but I have about 5 pieces that hold emotional value for me and I see collecting as a life-long journey… so I will eventually make it to the status of a “collector” 😉 So far, my pieces are all by emerging artists, two of which are friends and one is my uncle. Do you recommend I start considering a collection management plan? Or wait until I build more value? Thanks again!

Elysian Koglmeier
Elysian Koglmeier
11 months 19 days ago
Thank you for the great question MJ. It’s really a personal decision at that stage. If you have plans on adding to your collection in the near future or on a more consistent basis, I’d definitely consider it as it’s a valuable tool that can help you start that journey on the right foot. And, this is true whether or not the works have significant monetary value as it’s the emotional elements that are often the most important to capture and preserve. No matter what you choose, I would still recommend recording the information somewhere…even if it’s in a Word… Read more »