Speaker(s): Jill Arnold Bull

Risk Management Strategies for Collecting Art


Jill Arnold Bull, Senior Vice President at Lockton will examine the role of risk management and insurance for fine art, jewelry, and collectibles.

She will also look at the state of the insurance market, as well as markets that provide art solutions. Finally, the role of the Insurance Broker, the underwriting process, coverage considerations and common causes of loss will be addressed.

Participants will learn:

  • State of the Fine Art & Collectibles Insurance Market
  • Strategies to Minimize Loss
  • Importance of working with experts; Valuation, Security, Storage, Conservators to minimize loss

This course is ideal for: Art Collectors, Wealth Management, Fiduciaries, Attorneys, Accountants, Fine Art Insurers, Insurance Brokers, Family Office.

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Jill Arnold Bull

Jill Arnold Bull is the SVP, Sales and Fine Art Leader at Lockton Private Risk Solutions. She joined Lockton in 2017 with more than 19 years in the insurance industry. As a Producer and member of the senior leadership team, she is part of a team of experienced leaders located throughout the country who are committed to our clients and driven to deliver extraordinary results. Jill partners...

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