The Art of Home Design Focusing on the Display of Collectible Art


This panel brings together various perspectives on designing living spaces for the presentation of art.

For many art collectors, the challenge is not only acquiring the pieces they desire, but also finding ways to display them in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and protects the artwork. Join Luis Silva, Ron Shuffield and Luciana Fragali for some tips on designing living spaces for the presentation of collectible art.

Choose Your Pieces Carefully

Not all art is created equal. When choosing pieces for your collection, be sure to select ones that you really love and that will fit well into your home's design scheme. It's also important to consider the medium of the piece and whether it will require special care. For example, works on paper should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading, while oil paintings can usually be displayed in any type of lighting.

Think About Collectible Art Placement

Before you even start hanging artwork, it is important to take some time to plan things out. Decide which pieces you want to display, and then map out where they will go. This will help you avoid any potential gaps or overcrowding. Once you have chosen the pieces you want to display, it's time to start thinking about where they will go. Pay attention to traffic patterns in your home and try to avoid placing artwork where it will be subjected to too much wear and tear. You should also take into account the natural lighting in each room and try to position the artwork accordingly. For example, works on paper look best in rooms with indirect light, while sculptures and three-dimensional works can often be spotlighted to great effect.

Create a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point—a point of interest around which everything else is arranged. In terms of art, this could mean hanging a large painting or grouping several smaller pieces together. Whatever you do, make sure your focal point is at eye level so that it can be easily seen and appreciated.

Think About the Frame for Your Collectible Art

The frame is an important part of any work of art, both for protection and aesthetic appeal. When selecting frames for your collection, consider both function and form. Make sure the frame compliments the piece without overwhelming it, and be sure to choose a style that fits well with the overall design scheme of your home.

Use the Right Materials

When it comes to actually hanging your artwork, make sure you use the proper materials. Picture wire, for example, is much stronger than string and less likely to sag over time. Similarly, D-rings are a more secure option than screw eyes. If you're unsure about what supplies you need, consult with a professional framer or an experienced collector.

Learn More with Luis Silva, Ron Shuffield and Luciana Fragali

Whether you're just starting your art collection or you've been collecting for years, careful consideration should be given to both the selection of individual pieces as well as their placement within your home. With a little planning and forethought, it is possible to create a living space that both protects and highlights your art collection. Create a gallery-worthy display that you can enjoy for years to come!

Luiz Silva, founder of Saccaro USA, Luciana Fragali, President of Design Solutions Unlimited, and Ron Shuffield is CEO of EWM Realty International (EWM)  bring together various perspectives on designing living spaces for the presentation of collectible art.

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Luiz Silva

Luiz Silva founded Saccaro USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of artisanal Brazilian indoor and outdoor home furniture, in 2006. In 2011, he and wife Katia Silva brought Saccaro USA to Miami with a flagship, 12,000 square foot showroom in Midtown and in 2015 opened a second South Florida location in Doral, Fla. A native of Brazil, Silva graduated from Escola Politécnica da Universidade...

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Ron Shuffield

Ron Shuffield is CEO of EWM Realty International (EWM), a 51-year old real estate brokerage with 10 offices in South Florida, and an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. As a part-owner of EWM since 1984, Ron sold EWM in 2003 to an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway. EWM has 800 associates and staff who are involved in $2.8 billion of South Florida real estate sales annually. Ron...

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Luciana Fragali

Luciana Fragali is a Brazilian born Architect and Interior Designer. She is the president of Design Solutions, a Miami based studio. The studio’s main goal is to achieve a special bond with their clients resulting in a living space that is personalized and unique. The harmony that develops in this relationship leads to the creation of beautiful homes that reflect the lifestyle and needs of...

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