The Changing Face of New York’s Art and Culture Scene


Cultural life in New York has changed dramatically in the last two decades.

New York has long been known as a mecca for artists and art lovers alike. The city's rich cultural history and vibrant creative scene has attracted some of the world's most talented painters, sculptors, and musicians. In recent years, however, the face of New York's art and culture scene has begun to change. A new generation of artists is emerging, and they are bringing with them new ideas and perspectives. This new wave of creativity is breathing new life into the city's scene, and it is sure to have a lasting impact on the future of New York's cultural landscape.

Skyrocketing real estate prices have changed the physical landscape for galleries and artists and factors including the advent of the internet and proliferation of art fairs have affected the way we connect with New York's art and culture scene. While these changes have brought new challenges, they have also created new opportunities for artists and galleries to reach new audiences. As the art world continues to evolve, New York's art scene will continue to be a source of inspiration for people around the world.

New and innovative art spaces have begun to pop up all over the city, attracting new audiences and making a significant impact on the cultural landscape. These new destinations include contemporary art galleries, independent film festivals, cutting-edge performance venues, and much more. As a result of this growing diversity, New York’s art and culture scene is more vibrant than ever before.

Discussion Panel with New York's Art Experts: Suzanne Julig, Ethan Cohen and Isaac Aden

This panel is made up of Art Advisor, Suzanne Julig, owner of Ethan Cohen Gallery, Ethan Cohen and Artist/Curator, Isaac Aden. Together, they discuss the changing face of New York’s art and culture scene.

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Suzanne Julig

Suzanne Julig is a fine art professional with 30 years in the field. She is an art advisor providing expertise to collectors and organizations through her company Suzanne Julig Art Advisory, as well as a member of the senior management team at Sotheby’s Institute of Art as Director of the Summer Study Program in New York. She was previously a Director at three major New York...

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Isaac Aden

Isaac Aden is the guest curator for the first edition of the Assessable Art Fair: New York.  He is an artist and the senior curator at KuBe Beacon.  Aden has organized over twenty exhibitions at locations including: the non-profit art center White Box, Hunter College, commercial...

Meet the Expert

Ethan Cohen

Ethan Cohen advises private, public and corporate clients. Mr. Cohen is a certified appraiser of the Appraisers Association of America, specializing in contemporary Asian art and contemporary African art. He founded the Ethan Cohen gallery in 1987 as Art Waves/Ethan Cohen in SoHo, New York City. A groundbreaker in the field of contemporary Chinese art, it was the...

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