Speaker(s): Evan Beard

What Drives the Price of Great Paintings?


A frequent theme from journalists and critics alike is that the market for high art is irrational.

Mr. Evan Beard will demonstrate to the contrary that there is a predictable path for an artist’s work to become valuable and that the price of great works of art are based on a few key drivers.

Attendees will learn:

  • The most important factor that affects the price of a work of art
  • The unique economics behind the price of a work of art
  • A new perspective on collecting art with an eye on investment


Evan Beard

Evan Beard is the Global Art Services Executive with U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Headquartered in New York City, Evan leads the bank’s outreach to private and institutional art collectors, investors and artists nationwide. He directs a team of specialists who provide a suite of tailored offerings to a select group of families, auction houses, museums, endowments and...

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