Ask the Experts: How can an art advisor help an art collector navigate the art market?

Mar 8, 2021

Not only can art advisors provide you much needed transparency when it comes to collecting art, they will educate you about the process, help you establish tastes and open doors to the best quality works. Hear what our experts had to say about how art advisors can help you navigate the art market.

The art market has grown enormously over the last 10 years and, as a result, has become more complicated to navigate. One of the most important tools an advisor can bring to their client is transparency, so that the client understands everything that is happening around the purchase and the process of acquiring a work. In today’s market, when art is so highly coveted, a top art advisor with the established relationships in the global art network will have access to newly available artworks, be able to obtain gallery discounts, and mitigate any transactional risks.

Marla Wasser

Art Advisor | Pursuits Inc., Art Advisory

Art advisors are your guide to the market. The art market is still pretty opaque in some respects, even though you can access prices online. An art advisor will help you do the research and help you make informed decisions in regards to buying or selling art.

Annelien Bruins

Art Advisor | Marketing Executive

The important thing is for the art advisor to be transparent and tell the art collector about their strengths and competences. An advisor specialized in contemporary and post war will probably not be the best advisor for an ancient art collection.

Stefano Pesce

Art Advisor | Business Development Crozier

Our art advisors assist our clients in many ways. When it comes to buying art, we explore in detail our clients taste and aspirations and then help broaden or focus the interest on different artists, mediums and movements. Once things are more concrete, we help facilitate access to more exclusive works that are not always available to new buyers and we provide additional context and due diligence on the artworks (art history, price, quality, provenance, potential resale value, comparable). We also negotiate the best price and if desired we oversee the logistics and management of the collection.

When a client is looking to sell, oftentimes this is triggered by an impactful life event. At such times, you want to know you are in good hands and well looked after. Our advisory really supports our clients every step of the way from clarifying family goals to demystifying and evaluating the sales offers, to ensuring all the different aspects (marketing, financials, logistics, etc.) of the consignment process are well taken care off.

Muys Snijders

Art Advisor | MUYS.ART

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