Ask the Experts: How to Find an Art Advisor and What to Look For?

Feb 25, 2021

To start off our Art Advisory series, we asked the experts: how can a collector find an art advisor to work with and what should they be looking for? There are many reasons, as you’ll find out below. The art market is opaque and partnering with a knowledgeable professional will help you enjoy the art collecting experience and build a meaningful collection.

The best way for a collector to find an art advisor is through word of mouth. Besides their market knowledge, art expertise and a significant number of years of experience, your art advisor should have an excellent reputation, be independent and offer transparent and honest advice. Always make sure they are representing your best interests rather than their own and never forget that you are operating in a complex and opaque market. An excellent art advisor will be able to simplify things and set you up for greater success so that you can enjoy your art purchase or rest assured that you are maximizing your proceeds.

Muys Snijders

Art Advisor | MUYS.ART

An art collector entering a client/art advisor relationship should look forward to a very exciting and enriching experience. The advisor works as a facilitator and connector to create and develop their client's dream collection in a confidential manner, sharing highly personalized, educationally focused, well-researched, and unbiased expertise.

A collector should also feel that their advisor understands their needs - financially, with an established art budget, and is perceptive and receptive to their personal interests. There is also the practical side of art collecting, which is crucial, and collectors should seek an advisory that provides in-depth art market research as part of their services.

Marla Wasser

Art Advisor | Pursuits Inc., Art Advisory

Find an art advisor at or the appropriate art advisory organization in your country. Look for an art advisor who has expertise in the area that you want to buy in (i.e., works on paper, or 20th Century Design, or European, etc).

Annelien Bruins

Art Advisor | Marketing Executive

The research is shifting from web sites to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Stefano Pesce

Art Advisor | Business Development Crozier

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