Ask the Experts: What top tips would you share with an art collector just starting out in this dynamic market?

Jun 2, 2021

Collecting art can be daunting and most don’t know where to begin. Having the knowledge and expertise to guide you along the way will help you make confident and informed purchases. And always go with your gut and buy what you love as you’ll hear from our experts.

I would find an area of the market you like, and gather as much knowledge about it as possible in terms of pricing, what are representative artists in that area, etc. Being informed yourself will allow you to ask better questions and get better answers before making a purchase in relation to the value, condition, provenance of the piece you are interested in.

Annelien Bruins

Art Advisor | Marketing Executive

Listen to your art advisor but do not forget to listen to your sense of aesthetics and personal taste and sensitivity.

Stefano Pesce

Art Advisor | Business Development Crozier

Always stay true to yourself. Buy the works you like or have a strong affinity with as more often than not, what you like someone else will too!

Muys Snijders

Art Advisor | MUYS.ART

Firstly, engaging in the art world is exciting and emotionally and intellectually stimulating. It is a powerful way to express one's personality and own a piece of history at the same time. It all begins with passion and volition on the part of the collector to step into opportunities and engage in an educational journey. An advisor will help you navigate around art trends and hype, will consider what aesthetics and life stories are important to you, and will create those paths of inspirational discovery. By facilitating these experiences, the collector will have the opportunity to develop their interests and enjoy active participation in the local and international art world, as well as through online contexts.

Online opportunities cannot be underestimated either – Instagram and other social media platforms can be wonderful (and fun) tools for exploring art and expanding your awareness. An advisor can tailor content to your interests. Ultimately, collecting art is about more than décor, it’s about stepping into an artist’s world and exploring their history, passion, and journey.

Marla Wasser

Art Advisor | Pursuits Inc., Art Advisory

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