Buy What You Love

Feb 2, 2017

This is the advice from Annelien Bruins and so many other seasoned professionals in the art world. Bruins has worked for over 15 years in the industry and has advised and managed private and corporate art collections around the world. For emerging artists’ work, Bruins believes that collectors should buy what they’ll love and want to live with.

True, some very savvy collectors are able to spot great art investments, but for the most part, this is not the case.

Emerging artists typically don’t have a large breadth of work making it difficult to tell which direction their artwork will take. Furthermore, unlike established artists, emerging artists almost never sell in the secondary art market (international galleries, auction houses, etc.). The silver lining is that the work is more affordable and there’s a lot of it to fall in love with.

There is a huge volume of work from emerging artists. So much of this work includes ideas, narratives, and perspectives; it isn’t just the artists’ work but also the artists themselves that many art collectors take interest in when making a purchase. Jacqueline Towers-Perkins, a Post War and Contemporary Art Specialist, advises everyone to check out art fairs, attend gallery openings, and visit museums. She sees many opportunities for people to educate themselves.

One of the biggest opportunities is the ability to meet the artist in person. It’s something that many collectors do – especially with emerging artists. This is because you can often do a studio visit and learn more about the process and inspirations behind the work. There really is no better way to form a connection.

There are many art fairs, galleries, and museums with amazing work all over the globe. So get out there and check it out. You’ll learn, experience, and probably discover something you absolutely love.

For more hands-on guidance on how to assess emerging art - before you buy, check out our video on Emerging Artists: A Popular Entry-Level Market for Buyers. Watch Now!!


Matt Beasant

Matt Beasant is a self-taught Canadian artist and experienced writer, born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. Represented by established Canadian Galleries, Matt has exhibited at the Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair and the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2016. His work is characterized by crisp lines and bold gradients which are applied by hand using many thin layers of paint –...

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