Christian Hohmann

Founder at HOHMANN Fine Art

Christian is a second generation art dealer and gallerist. The original Galerie Hohmann was founded by his parents in Germany in 1976. Christian joined the family business in 1993 at the age of 19, publishing fine prints with many of the artists that were represented by the gallery. In 1995 he opened his own gallery in Hamburg, Germany and in 2001 he added a location in Berlin. He studied art history and economy in Trier and Hamburg, Germany. In 2003 he moved to Palm Desert, CA to manage the Hart Gallery, owned by his aunt Eva Hart. In 2009, after the Hart family retired from the day-to-day operations, he opened a new gallery on El Paseo, this time using his own family name. Christian is a full time resident of Indian Wells. If he is not at the gallery working on several projects at the same time (like the upcoming 40th anniversary of his parent’s gallery), he is spending time with his wife Kaarina and their two daughters, carefully grooming what will hopefully be the third generation of Hohmann art dealers and gallerists.