How to Approach Selling Your Art Collection


Are you looking to sell artwork that no longer fits your aesthetic? Or perhaps you are downsizing and need to let go of certain pieces?

Selling your art collection can be a significant financial transaction. Therefore, it is important to understand the different options available in order to maximize your financial result. It can also be a complex and emotionally fraught process. There are a variety of factors to consider, from finding the right buyer to getting the best possible price for your pieces. With a little knowledge and careful planning, you can ensure that you get the best possible financial result from selling your art collection.

Know Your Options to Sell Your Art Collection

Private sale is often the most advantageous as you will typically sell the collection for more money than if you sold it at auction. Selling through a dealer or gallery may also net you a higher price, but you will likely have to pay a commission. Selling at auction can be a good option if your collection is valuable and you are comfortable with the risk of the piece selling for less than its appraised value. Ultimately, knowing your options and working with a reputable art advisor will help you get the best possible price for your art collection, and you will typically sell the collection for more money.

Discussion Panel: Deborah Gunn, Bettina Huang and Aimee Pflieger

Esteemed art advisor, Deborah Gunn, will lead a discussion with Bettina Huang, Founding Head of PLATFORM: and Aimee Pflieger, Head of Online Sales at Sotheby’s.  They will explore why, when selling your art collection, it is important to know your options to maximize your financial result.

This session took place live during the Symposium at Art New York.

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Bettina Huang

Bettina Huang grew up in New York City, where she developed a passion for art at a young age.  She graduated from Brown University in 2006 with a concentration in the History of Art and Architecture and coursework in Economics.  After spending several years working in the Post-War and Contemporary Art department at Christie’s, she left for New York University’s Stern School of...

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Aimee Pflieger

Aimee Pflieger has acquired over 20 years’ experience working at arts related organizations, including research roles at the Indiana University Art Museum and in sales positions for prominent modern and contemporary art galleries such as Valerie Carberry Gallery in Chicago and Locks Gallery in Philadelphia. Additionally, Pflieger acted as a Senior Specialist of Modern and Contemporary Art at...

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Deborah Gunn

Deborah Gunn is a Seattle-based art advisor for the Faurschou Foundation in Copenhagen and has more than a decade of experience in art advising and providing counsel for all aspects of developing and managing art and artifact collections. Ms. Gunn previously served as Associate Director, Art Finance of the Vulcan Art Collections, where she was responsible for all transactions, and...

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