Let’s Talk Art and Interior Design - Strategies for Collectors


Interior designers are at the forefront of the hottest design trends and can keep you on the cutting edge of what is happening.

Art and interior design are two disciplines that are constantly evolving. What was popular yesterday may be outdated today, and what is in vogue now may be passé tomorrow. For example, art deco was a popular style in the 1920s, but it fell out of favour during the Second World War. Today, however, art deco is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Understanding these trends can be an invaluable tool as you seek new works for your home or office.

It is important to stay up to date on the latest trends in art and interior design. Not only will this allow you to find pieces that reflect your personal taste, but it will also enable you to make informed decisions about which works to purchase for your home or office. By keeping abreast of the latest developments in art and interior design, you will be sure to find pieces that will enhance your space and add value to your collection.

Panel Discussion: Greg McKenzie, Patricia Fisher and Dale Cohen

Join our panel made up of distinguished designers Greg McKenzie, Patricia Fisher and Dale Cohen, who have all influenced the design style of the Hamptons. They will explain why understanding the trends in art and interior design is an invaluable tool as you seek new works.

This session originally took place during the 1AN Symposium at Art Southampton.

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Greg McKenzie

Greg McKenzie is a New York City and East End designer who has worked on projects throughout North America, and Europe. He has been published in numerous magazines and appeared on NBC TV’s Open House and various other media outlets.
As a long time East End resident, he has contributed and supported to several Hampton Designer Showhouses and Southampton Hospital. He has been a loyal...

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Patricia Fisher

Patricia Fisher began her career as an international dealer of museum quality fine art and had a gallery on 57th street working with artists such as Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Sam Francis among others.
Her focus on the integration of art and design in her clients homes grew into an interior design firm dedicated to these principles. Since it began 18 years ago,...

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Dale Cohen

Dale Cohen’s distinct and creative voice has established herself as a leader in the New York design arena. Cohen received a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from University of Michigan and a Masters in Architecture at Yale University. After graduation she taught design at Woodbury University and UCLA in Los Angeles. In 2000 she returned to the East Coast and was senior designer at Ingrao...

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