The Four Stages of Collecting Part IV: Art Succession Planning


Attendees will learn about donations to non-profit and supporting your local arts community as part of your overall collection strategy.

Art succession planning is a way to ensure that your art collection will be preserved and enjoyed by future generations. As any art lover knows, art is a valuable asset that can be passed down from generation to generation. However, without proper planning, art collections can be lost or dispersed over time.

What is Art Succession Planning?

Art succession planning is the process of making arrangements for the long-term care and stewardship of artworks. The process involves creating a plan that includes identifying the art objects in the collection, determining the value of each object, and selecting the individuals who will inherit the collection. The art succession planning process can be complex, but it is an important tool for art collectors who want to ensure that their collections are preserved and passed on to future generations. There are a number of factors to consider including the preservation needs of the artworks, the wishes of the art collector's family, and the legal rights of future owners. And let's not forget the importance of art succession planning for artists.

Peggy Hollander Shares Her Expertise

Peggy M. Hollander, the founder and managing partner of The Succession Group, will also explore long-term care, stewardship and art succession planning. Peggy is an expert in the field of art succession planning, and has been providing advice to clients about how best preserve their financial assets as well as other valuable items such as art for years.

Please be sure to join us for the rest of the series. Parts I – III can be viewed on-demand at your convenience:

Part I: Before You Buy - This first session covers the best way to embark on your journey as a collector.
Part II: Legal and Tax Issues - This second session discusses the legal and tax issues that are essential knowledge for art collectors.
Part III: Managing your collection – This session explains how utilizing a registrar can be an asset to your collection, weighing in on topics such as finding a qualified contract registrar and what a registrar does.

Target audience: Art collectors of all levels

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Peggy Hollander

Peggy M. Hollander is the founder and managing partner of The Succession Group. Under her leadership, The Succession Group has gained widespread recognition for its capabilities in creating innovative, customized, insurance-related wealth-transfer and multi-generational business succession plans for an exclusive roster of high-net-worth individuals, families, and affluent business owners.For...

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