Speaker(s): Megan Fox Kelly

The Four Stages of Collecting – Part I: Before You Buy


This first session in our four-part series will discuss the best way to embark on your journey as a collector.

We will discuss how to create a meaningful collection based on your personal needs, interests and resources. And we’ll explain the finer details of the acquisition process and how you can benefit from services of an experienced advisor even before you make that first purchase.

Participants will learn:

  • How to define your unique collection strategy
  • About the tools available to new and experienced collectors
  • When and how to work with a qualified advisor
  • The financial and personal commitment involved in collecting art

Please be sure to join us for the rest of the series:

Part II
Taxes and Legal Obligations: This session will cover purchasing process, applicable taxes and "hidden costs", freeport storage, resale issues and capital gains taxes, Visual Artist Rights Act and copyright issues.

Part III
Managing your collection: An expert will discuss conservation, documentation, condition reports and photography, databases, installation, storage and other logistics.

September – Part IV
Collecting for the Next Generation: Attendees will learn about long-term care, stewardship and succession planning, art donations to non-profit, and supporting your local arts community as part of your overall collection strategy.

Target audience: Art collectors of all levels.


Megan Fox Kelly

Megan Fox Kelly builds and manages collections for an international mix of individuals, museums, estates and foundations.  Her full service advisory business provides curatorial and market advice and museum-quality fine art services for collectors, attorneys, financial advisors and estates.
Her academic training includes an MA in the History of Art from Brown University.  Megan’s...

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