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The Four Stages of Collecting Part III: Managing your collection

Speaker(s): Andrea Wood

The Four Stages of Collecting Part III: Managing your collection

Andrea will be discussing how utilizing a registrar can be an asset to your collection, weighing in on topics such as finding a qualified contract registrar and what a registrar does.

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Participants will also learn about the importance of collections data management, inventories and databases, proper installation, storage, packing and shipping, fine arts insurance, condition reports and conservation, and managing loans to exhibitions. In other words, if you collect art or are interested in starting a collection, this session is for you!

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Part IV
Collecting for the Next Generation: Attendees will learn about long-term care, stewardship and succession planning, art donations to non-profit, and supporting your local arts community as part of your overall collection strategy.

Target audience: Art collectors of all levels


Speaker Details

Andrea Wood

Andrea Wood, independent registrar and art management consultant, has over 22 years registration experience. Through her New York based business, Andrea Wood Art Management, she currently manages art collections for private collectors and artists, as well as working with museums and galleries on exhibitions and collections projects.

Her past experience includes positions as Registrar for the artist Alex Katz, Senior Registrar at the Citigroup Art Advisory Service, Exhibitions Coordinator and Registrar for The Whitney Museum of American Art’s Traveling Exhibitions Program, and Registrar for The Andy Warhol Museum. She was the lead coordinator with the State Department’s largest Presidential Millennium Project, touring an Andy Warhol exhibition with US Embassies and Consulates throughout Eastern Europe and Post-Soviet countries for two and a half years.

Andrea is one of the founding board members of the international non-profit ARCS – Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists, which was founded in 2012. She has been an active member and board member of other professional organizations, most notably the American Alliance of Museums Registrar’s Committee (RC-AAM) since 1993.

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