The Four Stages of Collecting Part III: Collection Management


This webinar will explore how utilizing a registrar can be an asset to your collection, weighing in on topics such as finding a qualified contract registrar and what a registrar does.

Collection management is the process of ensuring that an art collection is properly cared for, stored, displayed and conserved. It involves keeping accurate records, documenting conditions and conservation treatments, and carrying out regular inspections. Collections data management is essential for proper collection care.

Inventories and databases help to keep track of what is in a collection, where it is located, and what condition it is in. Proper installation, storage, packing and shipping are important for protecting items from damage during transport. Fine arts insurance protects against loss or damage due to fire, theft or other causes. Condition reports and conservation help to ensure that items are in good condition and are not deteriorating. Managing loans to exhibitions ensures that items are returned safely and on time. All of these activities are important for proper collection management.

Andrea Wood Shares Her Collection Management Expertise

Andrea Wood, independent registrar and art management consultant of  Andrea Wood Art Management, covers the importance of collections data management, inventories and databases, proper installation, storage, packing and shipping, fine arts insurance, condition reports and conservation, and managing loans to exhibitions. In other words, if you collect art or are interested in starting a collection, this collection management session is for you!

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Part II can also be viewed on-demand: Legal and Tax Issues - This second session discusses the legal and tax issues that are essential knowledge for art collectors.

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Target audience: Art collectors of all levels

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Andrea Wood

Andrea Wood, independent registrar and art management consultant, has over 22 years registration experience. Through her New York based business, Andrea Wood Art Management, she currently manages art collections for private collectors and artists, as well as working with museums and galleries on exhibitions and collections projects.
Her past experience includes positions as Registrar for...

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