Get to Know Our Members: Collector Daniel Rechtshaffen

Mar 4, 2019

With so many inspirational members, 1AN has decided to feature one per month to share their thoughts on and experiences with art. One common thread we've found so far... every one of them loves art! That's why we all get along! We start this feature off with Toronto-based criminal lawyer and art collector, Daniel Rechtshaffen, who shares why he loves art, how he got his first piece, and offers up a tip for emerging collectors.

How did you come to love art?
Back in 2002, a friend from law school introduced me to a photographer friend of hers and we hit it off immediately. That friend was my Art Mentor when I was first getting into this scene. Through her I met more and more artists and that amplified my interest in contemporary art. Living in that world made me fall in love with the artists as much as their art. I really prefer to buy work from people I love.

What was the first piece you ever acquired and how did you go about it? 
It was a Joshua Jensen Nagle photo shot on expired Polaroid film. Josh and I met at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and I bought the piece out of his studio.
Do you have any advice for emerging collectors out there?
Buy what you love. If a piece of art appreciates in value then that’s a bonus, but you have to live with it every day. Make sure that investment hanging on your wall stirs something deep in your guts.


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