Balance of Power – What are Today’s Art Market Factors?


The art world has changed significantly over the years where we’ve seen an unprecedented number of art fairs, new technologies and record-breaking auction sales.

The art market is constantly evolving, shaped by a variety of forces. In recent years, new art market factors have emerged, such as social media use, the rise of new art markets in Asia and the Middle East, and the globalization of the art market. In addition, art dealers and collectors are now more likely to use online resources when researching and buying art. These factors have had a major impact on artists, who must now contend with increased competition and a more demanding audience.

Many artists are being forced to re-evaluate their approach to art-making. Some are turning to new mediums, such as digital art, while others are experimenting with new techniques or genres. Still others are focusing on creating work that is more socially engaged or politically charged. The art world today is far different from what it was even a decade ago, and artists must continue to evolve in order to stay relevant.

Panel Discussion: Heidi Lee-Komaromi, Peter Priede, Amelie Chabannes and Lenise Logan

As a result, the market has expanded and more artists are taking center stage as art market influencers. Heidi Lee-Komaromi, Manhattan-based Contemporary Art Specialist, Peter Priede, Director of Hazelton Galleries, Amelie Chabannes, an artist who’s work can be seen at Art New York, and Cultural Strategist Lenise Logan, will discuss the forces shaping the art world today, new market factors and how artists have been impacted.

Please take note that this session took place live during the 1AN Symposium at Art New York.

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Heidi Lee-Komaromi

New York-based art advisor, Heidi Lee Komaromi has 16 years of experience in the art world, specializing in Post-War and Contemporary art. She has advised, managed and built collections for individuals, estates and Fortune 500 companies and has acquired and appraised over 3,000 works of art by both emerging and internationally renowned artists. Having worked extensively on both the primary...

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Peter Priede

With a career in the fine arts industry that spans more than three decades, Peter Priede has a wealth of knowledge and experience pertaining to the art world. Initially starting out as an art consultant for organisations, Mr. Priede advised on countless corporate art collections in Canada and abroad, procuring rare fine artwork for his clients and working with some of the most notable...

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Amelie Chabannes

Amelie Chabannes is an artist who works in sculpture, installation, Drawing and video. Chabannes was born in Paris, France. She studied Architecture and Fine Arts in French Art School, ENSAD. She worked for several years with Architects and Designers on major projects, including a Cultural Center In Riga, Latvia. She moved to NY in 2005, she currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her work...

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Lenise Logan

Lenise Logan is committed to living in a world where all children know their self-worth, adults live their dreams and the water is clean.
Currently a Cultural Strategist and Consultant, Lenise has been immersed in the Auction House world for over 16 years. She has worked with some of the worlds’ most successful auctioneers’ Operations and Logistics departments at companies such as...

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